Treating a face like a canvas means you're pretending the real "you" isn't there! This is how you get the wrong shapes, colors, textures, finishes, and how you get too much or too little definition.

About Donatelle Mascari

Expert Makeup Services

Nowhere else can you find the range or years of experience to solve EVERY makeup need. Donatelle's expert makeup services are at the top of the wish lists of photographers, models, actors, television professionals, filmmakers, makeup artists, video imagists, brides, anyone looking for the perfect makeup who caters to the needs of the media, but who can also do makeup for headshots, makeovers, consultations. She also teaches production makeup for every phase of the industry.



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MediaTech Institute

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Women in Film - Dallas

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Larry Bolch

Donatelle is a person anyone in the performing arts or related fields needs to know. She has a vast background in all aspects of the industry and is one of the top makeup artists in the USA.

On top of that, she is one of the most warm, generous and caring people I have ever known. Furthermore, who could not love a woman who lives with a dachshund named Ernie? :-)

Gordon Nicol

Donatelle - she's an industry icon!

Mark Birnbaum

Icon? She's the original! She's unparalleled! She's INSANELY Great!

Bill Flynn

The second thing concerns a lady in town who is an amazing talent ... behind the lens. Her name is Donatelle Mascari, and she is a gifted and experienced makeup artist ... in the full sense of the word. I know her work. She is a gifted artist.

Jae Mann

So I was at this casting. In a room full of actors. And someone mentioned working with you. Next thing you know, there is a room full of actors who don't even know each other chatting up about how much we all love you. I was impressed.

Cynthia Mondell

Every filmmaker has to look her best. Donatelle's special makeup kit was the perfect solution for Cynthia Mondell, Filmmaker and President of Women in Film-Dallas, who was on the go for four weeks going from location shooting to high power interviews in Budapest, Munich, and Prague.

Thank you, Donatelle!

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