Expert Makeup Services

Editorial Fashion

Donatelle's expert makeup services are at the top of the wish lists of photographers, models, actors, anyone looking for the perfect makeup who caters to the needs of the media, but who can also do makeup for headshots, makeovers, consultations.

Editorial Fashion Photos

Personal Makeovers

For a face to become exquisite, we must work with those attributes, and with the face's own colors and contrasts. You must find someone wonderful who is willing to show you just how MUCH beauty you are able to get out of what you ALREADY have to offer....

Before & After Photos

Award Winning Fine Art

Working with award winning photographers to produce fine art, the Makeup Maven's services are always in demand.

Fine Art Photos

Professional Headshots

If this actress were to instead have a business look, the look of an information-deliverer, we'd straighten her hair a bit, and dress her in business apparel. As she is, her actor's headshot looks exactly right. She's a sought-after musician and entertainer whose look projects the mood of her specific work.

Professional Photos

Professional Actors

National and international celebrities have utilized Donatelle's expert makeup services.

Celebrity Portfolio

Special Effects and Every Vintage

Special Effects are no problem for the Makeup Maven! A retro look for an album cover, statues for a stage production, and a caveman for a national advertisement are just a few of her special works of art!

Special Effects